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Advanced Photography Marketing

The following articles are provided to help create and understand advanced marketing for a photography studio. Marketing is a matter of trial and testing. Using specific guidelines, use these ideas to create your own unique strategies. Click on the article title to read the article.


No matter what field your in, now is the time to rethink your current offerings, even if you restructured them within the last few months. Every time you turn on the television or login to the Internet, the news isnít good. Companies continue to fail. The housing industry is crashing. The stock market is falling. You canít help worrying about your own business. ...more


Does your website come with a way to monitor your statistics? If not, it should. Everyone who has a site should be monitoring how well your site is operating, and using this information to make adjustments to your pages. ...more


What do they want? When people visit a website they have a purpose in mind. The problem is each person that visits your site may have a slightly different purpose. How do you know what will reach them? How do you know what should be on your site to attract quality, potential customers?...more


1. Submit your stock images to one of the many online stock agencies such as IStockPhoto. Stock companies allow you to build a bio page, and list links to other sites and information. Use this to selectively promote yourself to people that enjoy your work. 2. Send a press release to your local paper submitting a story idea......more


Why should you concentrate on winning awards for your business? While some people think winning award is simply to satisfy personal ambition, others know how to use an award to increase business. ...more


It all starts with an idea. Whenever you have an idea, go with it. Bring that idea to a level that you can offer it to your clients. Bring it forward. And just do it! Then watch what happens. Does it work? What can you change to make it work...more


It happened again. Almost every day I hear the phrase, ďI want to be at the top of the search enginesĒ. What does that really mean? Unfortunately, most people say that phrase without actually thinking about what they mean by it. Do they want more visitors to their sites? Do they want more money to come into their businesses?...more


Have you seen my blog? Visit me at and take a look at some of my latest posts. If youíve never hear of blogging before, or are wondering what a blog is, let me give you five reasons for using a blog on your website....more


Putting a site together and leaving it sit without marketing it is like creating a brochure and leaving it in a box in your garage Ė itís going to accomplish nothing. Instead, you have to promote your business website address in many different ways....more


Creating a community online is more than creating a few static pages on your website, and leaving it sit for months at a time. Itís about creating a site that people look to for information, and always has the information that is relevant. ...more


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A monthly newsletter with marketing tips and ideas based off of what's happening in the world today! Marketing today is different from marketing a year ago or even a month ago. Learn valuable ideas that will change your ideas of marketing!


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